Agile Strategy Map Workshop *

As Agile Coaches, we have experience with many clients who have the need to aligned decision making based on empirical evidence and to be able to adjust to the high speed of changes within their organisation and the markets they are working in.

In becoming more Agile, it is difficult for organizations to continue using traditional tools to steer their business. Traditional yearly or quarterly planning as well as long-term strategies are not sufficient to address rapidly changing market conditions. Moreover, it is becoming more difficult to stay current with the latest changes happening within an organization and to make decisions based on the latest available information. This is independent of the size of the organization and requires a continuous balancing between speed of the feedback and accuracy of the information.

Many organizations realize the need to commit to decisions as late as possible and to explore multiple options before committing to one. This is of fundamental importance in risk reduction. Considering this context, the coaches at agile42 have developed a tool, the Agile Strategy Map™, to provide a structure for decision making and, thereby, helping companies achieve more confidence and direction in a complex and ever changing environment.

The Agile Strategy Map™ enables the leadership team to align and coordinate their efforts both on a strategic and tactical level. Not only does it act as a guideline towards achieving the organization’s strategic business goals, but it also allows you to visualize and track its progress.

We will guide people to create a strategy map for the pizzeria Giovanni, identify possible experiments, simulate experiments executions and track decision making based on empirical validation.